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Black Water

Toward the call

Developmental coaching and advocacy

with Andrew White

About Andrew

Toward the call with Andrew

I am a developmental coach and advocate, working with those who, despite having achieved conventional success, feel called to something else.


This call might relate to your work, relationships, creativity and spirituality, style of life or it might just be an inkling that something is missing. 


I work to help you dis-cover the values, resources and potential that enable you respond to this call, whatever it may be.

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All My Stories

My writing, responding to the call

My writing is a response to my own call(s) and the processes of psychological change and transformation that have resulted. The change process can be enigmatic and paradoxical in nature; and these writings are my attempt to respond to this paradox. 


By sharing my own experiences and perspective of change, I hope to provide some insight into how I have (and continue) to wrestle with these questions and how I work with others who are in, or embarking on a similar phase of life.

These words a reflection on the meandering, vanishing paths that we are called to tread. From the personal to the poetic, the scientific to the surreal, the factual to the fictitious, these are ongoing responses to my own call(s) to change, and how I work with others seeking to do the same.

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